Angol gyerekdalok

The Kids ABC's at the Zoo (Animal Alphabet)


 A is for the alligator with a mouth so big.
B is for the beaver who likes to build and dig.
C is for the camel with a hump upon its back.
D is for the duck who always goes quack-quack-quack-quack.
(Quack, quack, quack, quack.)

E is for the elephant, the biggest one is he.
F is for the fox, he’s just as smart as he can be.
G is for giraffes with a neck that’s - oh - so long.
H for hippopotamus, so big and fat and strong.

I is for the ibex, he’s the cousin to the goat. (Bleeh!)
J is for the jaguar with spots upon its coat.
K for kangaroo, he’s from the land down under.
L is for the lion king, his roar is just like thunder. (Roar!)

M is for the monkey, he’s the cutest little thing.
N is for the nightingale, who always likes to sing.
O is for the ostrich, he hides his head in the sand.
P is for the pelican, his bill holds more than his belly can.

Q is for the quail who has a little bitty tail.
R is for the rabbit, he’s swifter than a gale.
S is for the skunk, to tease him is to fumble.
T is for the tiger, he’s the terror of the jungle. (Growl!)

U is for the urno, an animal from Brazil.
V is for the vulture, always waiting for the kill (Aah!)
W for wolf, a mean and heartless cur.
X is for the xerus with a tail of tuffly fur.

Just two more letters and the story will be told.
Y is for yellowtail, a fish that’s painted gold.
Just one more letter, and class will be dismissed,
Z is for the zebra, the last one on the list!

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